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Benefits of Bone Broth.. What you need to know!

Bone broth is a natural food remedy that has been around for decades and is now being recognized for its disease fighting power and its undeniable benefits in fighting inflammation. More recently its role in sports and athletics is irrefutable. In one serving of one of my favorite broths "Broth Rx" bone broth you will be provided a powerhouse of remedial ingredients.

beneficial ingredients include:


Have protective benefits over our bones, joints and muscle tissues. This protection allows for improved fluidity in movement during exercise; in turn promoting a more effective workout without risking strain or injury. Also vastly aids in digestive health, as in this day and age numerous factors contribute to irregularities in our digestion/absorption (i.e. by way of bacterial overgrowth, lifestyle habits, food intolerances etc.). This product can aid in restoring our gut needs and allow for improved utilization and absorption of essential nutrients. An added bonus of these ingredients includes supple/strengthened skin, hair and nails and not to mention can help promote satiety, a state of being satisfied, without adding weight.

Amino Acids, Bone Marrow:

These essential ingredients can assist in boosting immunity. If you are looking for an added immunity/anti-inflammatory boost, try their Immune Boosting chicken broth, which has supplementary turmeric and ginger.


Common minerals found in bone broth include calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, and potassium. These electrolytes help aid in enhanced energy as well as bone health/strength. The saying, “you are what you eat” holds truth; look no further you can find ceaseless benefits in this product to help promote a habitual healthy lifestyle.

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