"The Broth Solution"

"The Broth Solution"

I am so happy you showed interest in my new bone broth e-cookbook, "The Broth Solution". Although there may be other bone broth cookbooks circulating the book shelves, I am proud to say that I produced one of the only few written by a dietitian. 


With the added nutrition knowledge that I hold as a nutrition specialist, expect to see numerous recipes with additional health benefits that these other books may not have. 


As of now there are 20+ recipes in the first of 2 series of the cookbook. I wanted to receive feedback from my customers before proceeding on to the next series of recipes. 


If you are interested in the recipes tasted at the workshop or want to check out numerous other cancer fighting, gut healthy recipes using bone broth I would love you to consider purchasing it for a discounted price of $5.99.


---> If series 1 is purchased the second series of 20+ recipes will be offered at a 1/2 off price of $3.99.